Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hotspot for 2011???

Iblinked my eyes for a moment last night and thought I was in Manhattan. People were standing outside of La Trattoria Café Napoli in their jackets and scarves, smoking. Inside it was a dark and cozy with all 10 tables filled. On the other side of a new dividing wall: fresh paint, trendy lighting and a live Cuban band

The long awaited expansion of Café Napoli opened last night for a private party. Yes, I crashed it! By the end of the night my belly was filled with phenomenal food and tasty wine. My soul was filled with the fellowship of good friends, great music and even a little dancing on a Monday night!

The tiny restaurant is tucked in the barely visible Villas Plaza on US41 in Fort Myers just south of Crystal Dr. It used to be owned by a lovely Italian couple that made you feel like you were eating in their home. Now it’s owned by a feisty Cuban woman, Gloria Jordan, who still makes you feel like you are in her home. The menu is a fabulous fusion of Italian, Cuban and Spanish food.

Gloria has taken over the space next door to double her capacity. Don’t worry, the charm of the restaurant has not been comprised. The new space is a Tapas Bar separated by a low dividing wall. It’s like old world meets new world.

Right now the Tapas Bar is only open for special events. It will be ready for the public after the holidays and I predict it will be a HOT spot in 2011! Keep the live music Gloria!

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