Monday, June 20, 2011

My Arctic Adventure

I’m so excited about my summer vacation….sounds like a title of children’s book doesn’t it? I originally thought I would be wine tasting in Oregon. While that is still on my radar, my plans have taken a huge turn.

In three weeks I am embarking on an Arctic Adventure to Greenland. I will be spending five days with a small group of people from around the world in a spiritual walk with an Shaman named Angaangaq or "Uncle". I’m a Florida native whose outdoor activities typically involve sitting at a shaded cafe or walking on the beach; not camping 400 miles from the North Pole. I will be sleeping at the base of these Ice Caps and have been told that as they melt and fall into the water, I will be able to feel the earth shake. WOW!

I met Angaangaq last year at a workshop in Southwest Florida. He is an amazing teacher and healer. He consults world leaders and teaches individuals, like us, about the environment; improving the condition of man; and personal, spiritual growth. When he talked about his homeland and the event this summer, I had a vision of being there. However, as time passed my inspiration waned. Then I talked to a friend who was celebrating his 50th birthday. As he mused about his life, he stared into the distance and said "all the times I wish I would've said yes". At that moment I decided I could not let this opportunity pass.

Greenland is not a major tourist destination so it's not easy to get to. Between tuition, flights and renting cold weather camping gear; I'm looking at $6000. One morning in the shower I was trying to think of ways to cover the cost of the trip. I heard a voice in my head (don't laugh, I know the voices speak to you too) saying, "get a sponsor".

I was telling a mentor this story over coffee and she told me to start with friends and family. It immediately made me uncomfortable; therefore I knew I had to do it, ask for help. We give so much of our time, talents and money that I think we forget how to receive. We need that balance. I guess I’m trying to find that balance. My friend then pushed a $100 bill across the table saying, "I'll start the sponsorship, Ben is your friend."  

So I took a deep breath and began sending out emails to friends and family; asking if they knew of any individuals or organizations that would sponsor such an adventure (civic, environmental, holistic, spiritual, personal, themselves, etc). I offered to make presentations before or after my trip, give first copies of the book I write about the experience, etc

I was updating a friend this weekend on the modest amount of success I have had so far and she challenged me to blog about it. Once again, I immediately felt anxious to put this plea out there. So I’m doing it. I appreciate any support that comes my way: encouragement, prayers for a safe journey and of course Ben (as in Franklin $$).

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this unusual blog entry and feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions for my Arctic Adventure!

Much Love,

Gina Birch
PO Box 6
Fort Myers, Fl 33902 (trip details)

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