Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Screamin' Good Time

I was among the first in the nation to get to ride the  Cheetah Hunt, when it opened in May at Busch Gardens Tampa. A nice perk for being a part of the 'media', I got to take a test drive before it opened to the public. I never finished blogging about it because I was having trouble uploading the video below. And it really tells the story best. Some of my friends and colleagues are going to Hallo-Scream this weekend and will be riding it in the dark. So, I thought now is as good a time as any to share my experience.

The Cheetah Hunt is the only triple-launch roller coaster in Florida and it is FAST. It's also fun, not one of those rides that brings you to your knees when you disembark.

The staff at Busch Gardens rigged the front seat of the coaster with an elaborate camera set up. Zip ties, straps and all manner of things were used to keep the camera secure for the drops and loops while recording our reactions.

The launches were exhilarating and surprising. In between the twists and turns we were treated to great views of the park. This video is not of my first ride. I had to take on the Cheetah Hunt twice, back to back, because of a technical problem with the initial recording. The audio guy said I blew the mic screaming. I choose to believe it was something else; that is just way too easy of an excuse. The first time was a blast, the second time I was definitely ready for some fresh air.  For sure, I'll return to Busch Gardens for more of the Cheetah! Great coaster.

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  1. You didn't get your nerve and guts from me. I probably woud have thrown up and passed out.Keep up the good work| Love, Mom