Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mama Likes Moonshine

What happens when you get a bunch of foodies together and you reach the end of the night? You reach in the back of the cupboard for the Moonshine of course!

I was at a fabulous Dessert and Cheese party over the weekend, giving an overview of what went well with the champagne I was drinking, when the host got a crazy look in his eye. He said, "Hey Gina, you ever try moonshine?" I sat up straight and said coyly, "Why no. Do you know where I can get some."

Bam! Within five minutes I was sipping a shot of Ole Smoky from Tennessee. The fact that this moonshine is legal, robbed me of a little forbidden fun, but the intrigue was certainly alive and well. The only thing I can compare the corn whiskey to is Grappa. Except if anyone had lit a match within three feet of me, I'm certain there would've been an explosion. I could feel the alcohol evaporating on my tongue as it warmed my chest.

Ole Smoky is 100 proof. It also comes in flavors like apple pie, peach and blackberry. The distillery is in Gatlinburg but the hooch is distributed in Florida through Southern Wine & Spirits.

Mama likey

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