Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spirits and "Spirits"

My second fast and furious day in Buenos Aires began with MORE walking. The adventure began by paying homage to the former first lady of Argentina, Eva Peron, with a visit to her crypt in the historic Recoletta Cemetery.

The cemetery takes up four city blocks and looks easy enough to find on the map, however, only a small section of those four blocks gives any indication of the burial grounds behind the facade. We walked in a circle for a good 20 minutes before finally getting a glimpse of something that looked sacred. I'll admit, I may have been a little distracted by the nearby store fronts.

Once inside it was easy to find Peron's resting place, just follow the crowd. The tree lined streets were jammed with stunning crypts; some telling stories, some protected by hand-carved angels and saints, some unkempt and others immaculate.

Evita's famous, family tomb is not near as grandiose as I was expecting, tucked in a narrow passage. After taking the obligatory photos and checking in on the proper social media networks, I wandered aimlessly, amazed at the architecture, curious as to the stories of those souls housed inside each structure. That is when I felt it, a chill that went up my spine, causing me to stop in my tracks; I literally shuddered.

No, I had not consumed any wine or other liquid spirits yet. I was sadly dehydrated as the morning sun beat down on me. Perhaps that is why I attracted this particular spirit, to push me along and into a quaint cafe for respite with a glass of Malbec, or something stronger. I continued to feel his presence that day, an uninvited hitchhiker. I even felt him when I looked at the photos of the cemetery, sitting on my couch in the US.

I'm not sure why the guy stowed away with me, but I was sure I needed to send him on to his next destination. My crude method must have worked because as I looked at these photos today, I did not feel him next to me. I Hope he has found peace and his soul is finally at rest.

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