Monday, August 5, 2013

What's in YOUR Refrigerator?

Seriously? What's in it? What would camera's find if they showed up today for proof? That's what happened to me last week for the online food section of the Fort Myers News-Press. Reporter Yvonne McClellan stopped by with some fancy attachments on her iPhone, a lavalier mic and off we went.

Being in the media myself, I had given some thought to what I wanted to point out, forgetting that Yvonne was the one with the agenda, the story to tell. Instead, as soon as she hit record I went on tangents about the photos on the door, the lack of salad dressing inside and why my rice was in the cold box instead of the pantry. She was extremely gracious, wanted to know my food philosophy. I eventually told her it was "fresh and flavorful" but that part ended up on the cutting room floor. So did the story about the green hot sauce I smuggled back from Puerto Rico in a Bacardi Rum bottle (you'll see it on the top shelf). My refrigerator had soooo many stories to tell, but we only had three minutes.

I admit to pulling a mushy beet out of my hydrator and ungluing a random sauce bottle from the middle shelf in preparation for the interview, but other than that, what you see is pretty much what you get.
Click here and enter my frig at your own risk.



  1. :) Love it! ..but not just what's IN the 'fridge, but tell us what's on the front! I'm sure there is a story to each and every photo magnet you stuck up there! Baby George is no doubt among them :)

  2. Yes Leslie, Baby George is on there, he almost took it over for awhile. My friends used to compete to see who had the most photos up there. They would print pics and squeeze them on there. I finally had to take them all down, moved them to a clip on the side, haha