Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wine Wednesday; Glassy Gimmicks

A question for wine lovers: How many wine gadgets and gifts have you collected over the years?

A question for friends of wine lovers: How many of these kind of gifts have you given over the years?

I attended a private function at the Shell Factory in Southwest Florida this week where I found a plethora of wine paraphenalia and found myself, momentarily, in a frenzy. It just so happens I have also been working on a Christmas shopping story for 10Best, so perfect timing.

There is a fine line between cool and crap when it comes to any theme related, specialty gift. That was the question I was faced with when looking at this wine glass. Coming off a week of helping to take care of my two nephews, I still had family on the brain, plus I know how much both Grandma's like their fermented libations.

Would it be cute to have them pose for Christmas photos holding the above glass, while the kids held their plastic sippy cups and bottles? Or would it be tacky. I had consumed the perfect amount of wine at that time to be painfully indecisive. Perhaps you are on either side of the threshold and can advise me properly??

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