Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ready, Set.....Hurry and Open!!!

It's the best recipe for a new restaurant.....BUZZ. That is exactly what is happening at the soon to open Melograno Italian Gourmet Bakery and Bistro at Tarpon Point in Cape Coral. Tarpon Point houses the Westin, beautiful waterfront high-rises, a marina and shops, however, it is in need of another quality dining option.

Locals have been lighting up the phones for reservations and information. But anyone who has ever opened a business knows the harsh reality of dealing with last minute permitting, inspections, etc. That being said, all is in place and the doors should be opening any day now.
Some of the beautiful tiles you'll see at Melograno
The photos you see were taken a couple of weeks ago, plastic protecting the beautiful furniture and accessories from all of the last minute prep work. Much of the interior was brought in from the 'mother land,' including lovely tiles and the Cadillac of coffee machines.
A premiere Italian coffee machine for delicious cafe!
It's the first US location for the well established, family restaurant in Pomponesco, Italy.

Melograno is committed to serving local, fresh and healthful food. You may find it an odd combo, a bakery with a juice bar, but that is one of the many great things going on here. And speaking of the bakery, gluten free diners will be ecstatic at the offerings.
This case is soon to be filled with mouthwatering treats
Besides the bakery, fresh juices and bold coffee, there is a bistro section where you can dine on authentic Italian cuisine, with a gluten free pasta option.

I've seen the menu, met the chef (from the mother land as well) and when I actually get to taste his creations that sound so good, I'll be sure to pass on a full review. In the meantime, they are set and we are ready for Melograno to open.

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  1. I've been wondering about this place. Can't wait for it to open!