Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Winemaking, Film Making and Fun Making

Tasting with Markham Vineyards winemaker, Kim Nicholls
If you haven't seen the PBS documentary Vintage: Napa Valley 2012, put it on your list. Even if you are not a lover of the vines, you will love this story and its cinematography. 

Camera's closely followed three women winemakers during harvest, the most stressful and most exciting time of the year for their wineries. The behind the scenes look is fascinating, you'll never look at the wine in your glass the same after knowing all it went through to get there.

I was introduced to the film along with the three winemakers featured in it, at an event in Naples recently and was in turn able to tell the story in the current edition (May/June 2015) of Bonita Estero Magazine (page 68).

Sooooo.....I got to meet some great women, drink their amazing wines with them, was able to tell their story to those who weren't there, and for the cherry on top.....a wine dinner has been planned, based on my story and these women's amazing wine. Southern Wine and Spirits has teamed up with Blue Coyote Sanibel to feature delicious selections from Chimney Rock, Markham Vineyards and Rutherford Hill. 

I sat in on a tasting with the chef and managers, while they brainstormed on what wines to serve and what dishes to prepare for each. While I don't know the final outcome, if it is anything like what I heard, it is going to be spectacular. Make a reservation for the June 18th event by calling 239-472-9222. I'll see you there.


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