Monday, June 27, 2016

Craving Paradise-Champagne Wine Dinner

I have a deep love for Charles Heidsieck...the man and the wine. He was the daring entrepreneur who first introduced Americans to Champagne back in 1852.

I recently went to one of the new Craving Paradise corroborations between Crave Culinaire and Paradise Wines in Naples, where the gems of Heidsieck were featured. The five course dinner was held in the private room at Paradise Wines, the food preparation lead by Chef Brian Roland and his creative team at Crave Culinaire.

You might be thinking, sure go ahead and tease us with an amazing dinner that has come and gone. Well, the tease is not meant to rub anything in but inspire you to join in the next Craving Paradise event.

Aerated Salmorejo Cordobes Veloute
The evening I attended began with the Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve as both a welcome glass and with the first course: warm aerated salmorejo cordobes veloute that had Key West pink shrimp, heirloom tomato confit, savory crepe-egg "Crepe," amontillado syrup, Iberico ham and micro cilantro. I KNOW!

The aeration gave the soup a lovely velvety texture and the acidity of the wine made for a perfectly, fresh pairing.

Second course was a flaky spiced sweet vermouth glazed Florida grouper with orange polenta "Gateaux," seared ruby chard, EVOO melted leek and saffron-mussel broth; so many layers of flavors.

It was served with a favorite of mine, Charles Heidsieck Rose Reserve. The bubbles spoke of raspberry, strawberry and creme brûlée with a lovely long finish.

Crispy Fennel Pollen Ris de Veau "Grenobloise
While the aforementioned pairings were superb, the next one wowed the crowd; crispy fennel pollen Ris de Veau "Grenobloise;" manchego-capellini pave, fried savoy cabbage, pickled caper berries, meyer lemon beurre noisette. This one was served with a special vintage treat;  Charles Heidsieck Vintage 05. 

Winery ambassador Jonathan Boulangeat was on hand, sharing Heidsieck history and explaining what makes each of these wines special. He reminded the crowd that 2005 was an amazing year in Champagne and we could taste it. The bubbles were creamy, butter with lemon curd and it was simply magnificent with Chef Roland's dish.

Jurgielewicz Farm Duck Breast
Proving the aging power of Heidsieck, the next bottle was a coveted Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millenaires 1995. Made from 100% chardonnay, it was full bodied but still fresh and bright.

This one was paired with Jurgielewicz Farm duck breast; savory cauliflower-mascarpone "Clafoutis," pistachio-vidalia onion soubise, honey braised lacing and burnt rosemary emulsion. This was a dreamy combination,  like a perfect first date.

Dessert was a fun looking and delightful tasting saffron cardamom cheesecake with caramel drizzle, toasted almond chantilly, spiced pear chips on a gingersnap crust, served with a glass of Belle de Brillet Liqueur Pear.

The next Craving Paradise series features more French wines, (June 28). Find more information about this and upcoming dinners here.

Most of the wines served are available for purchase after the meal, many bottles are limited release and great finds. The combination of foods and wines at these events are top notched and a must for food and wine lovers who want a unique evening out in Southwest Florida.

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