Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweeeeet Sake

I love sushi anytime of the year but something about cool cucumbers and spicy tuna is particularly appealing in the summer. Sushi puts wine drinkers in a bit of conundrum; what really works with spicy sriracha and ginger, salty soy, raw fish and miso? Rice Wine, Sake of course!

I found myself at Blu Sushi this week with a glass of flavor infused cold sake from Moonstone. Moonstone’s sake brewery or Kura is in Oregon. They brew premium Junmai Ginjo styles. I had a glass that was blended with Coconut Lemongrass. It was sweet, slightly creamy with a spicy finish and kind of reminded me of a delicious men’s cologne. The strange combination went perfectly with the crab stuffed jalapenos! The sake is unfiltered so the milky looking appearance might be a bit off-putting for some. As good as it was one glass was enough for me because of the sweetness.

Moonstone’s other infused sake’s include Asian Pear, Plum and Raspberry. You’ll pay $32 for a bottle at Blu but if you find it in your favorite liquor store it’ll cost about $12.

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