Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bye Bye Bitch

I was so disappointed to learn this week that one of my favorite fun winemakers is out of business, Grateful Palate Airwines. The company not only produced good affordable wine but it was some of the most cleverly packaged

The Boarding Pass Shiraz had a label that looked like an actual boarding pass complete with a luggage tag around the neck and directions on how to enjoy the ride (or consumption) on the back.  

Perhaps the bottle that got the most attention was the Bitch Grenache. The word Bitch was in lovely, black script writing across a light pink label. Appropriately enough it came in a screw cap. The wine was a bit spicy with fruit on the finish…the “Bitch” was tasty. But she’s gone. I know there are bottles of both out there somewhere so be sure to buy them if you happen to run across any! Oh, and pick one up for me too!!

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