Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Viva Italia!

I was recently asked why I like Italian wines, after all they are so foreign! When I say foreign I mean more than just from another country. They are hard to get a grasp on with more than 1000 varietals from dozens of regions. I like Italian wines because they are food wines! No coincidence here but I also like Italian cuisine!

Last night I was invited to taste the Italian wines in Kobrand and Republic National's portfolio. I was in heaven drinking everything from a delicous white Gavi to the king of big reds, Sassicaia!

The '09 Michele Chiarlo Gavi was full of zest and minerals. Gavi is from the Piemonte region and is actually made from the Cortese grape (remember that "foreign" statement made earlier). Another fun white I found was an '08 Campo al Mare, Vermentino di Toscana. The Vermentino was blended with a touch of Sauvignon Blanc to give it a nice crispy finish! Both wines are moderately priced under $20.
There were just way too many outstanding reds to mention and my better judgement says save it for Viva Italia Blog Part II. For once I will listen!

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