Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From Cab to Coffee....

It's great to see small, locally owned businesses thriving. Congratulations to Bennett's Fresh Roast on your three-year anniversary! We celebrated the occasion Friday with a jam-packed wine tasting at the world famous coffee shop, downtown Fort Myers. My favorite wine of the night was the Sequoia Grove Cabernet from Napa.

It was nice and dark with intense black fruit and a little tobacco. Some California Cabs will knock you over but this was nicely balanced and very drinkable! It'll cost you $35-$40 retail.
As I was drinking the wine I recalled visiting Sequoia Grove's Tasting Room in Napa some 15 years ago. I remembered it being quaint and friendly so I went online to do a little reminiscing. At first I was disappointed to read that the facility had been remodeled. Disappointed because so many in Napa are abandoning their small, cozy tasting rooms; remodeling them to look more trendy and austere. But as you can see by the photo, the new tasting room appears to be quite warm and inviting.

Funny how Bennett's coffee shop can be turned into an inviting tasting room too! Over the years I've been accused of being biased towards Bennett's. After-all, I've had a 20 year friendship/partnership with owner Bob Grissinger. We are all biased towards our friends and the people we love. However, history and friendship aside, Bob and Frankie have made Bennett's Fresh Roast a place like very few others in Southwest Florida. The attention to detail, unique products, the great staff and of course the amazing donuts and coffee.You'll discover a new love for donuts after tasting his hand cut, from scratch varieties. And I bet you've never had coffee the way it is really suppose to be made and served until you've had Bennett's. See for yourself and if don't agree, then you can call me biased. I wont be holding my breath :-)

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