Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunset Snackin'

I took a drive to Sanibel Island yesterday for a little therapy, some decompression. It had been a long day and a slow drive so I stopped at the Sunset Grill for a sunset snack. The Grill is just before the bridge over Blind Pass into Captiva.

I've had great food at this restaurant in years past but wanted to check it out under the new management. "Sexy Eyes" by Dr. Hook was playing on the radio as I was seated on the outside deck; I wanted a view of the beach across the street. Truth is every seat, inside or out, has a view of the Gulf of Mexico through the sea oats.

The appetizer menu was tantalizing. I settled on the Lobster Crabcake and a glass of Girard Sauvignon Blanc. The crisp wine was perfect for the beach and a fair accompaniment to the rich sauces drizzled on the plate. One was a vanilla beurre blanc, the other mango. When mixed together they almost tasted like an Orange Dreamsicle.

The first couple of bites were amazing but by the end, the sauce had become a little too sweet for my palate. My very attentive server tried to tempt me with "homemade desserts" but I had someplace to be....across the street for the sunset!

My appetizer and glass of wine cost as much as an entire meal at some restaurants but it was therapy after-all (and still cheaper than my usual "shoe" therapy). By the way; the brilliant purple, red and orange sunset turned out to be the perfect dessert!

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