Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gaga Vino

I know what you're thinking: "Lady Gaga is now producing wine?" The pop icon is many things and entrepreneur is certainly one, however, wine maker is not on her resume; at least not yet.

The California Rose' may look like Lady Gaga's blush but it's flavors are not near as flashy; quite simple actually. The first thing I got was a mouthful of raspberry followed by a little strawberry. Although full of fruit, the wine is dry. It went well with the salty cheeses on the tasting table at The Morgan House.

You should be able to find Gaga Rose' for under $15. It's a good value for sure. I know Lady Gaga likes red wine, I wonder what she has to say about Rose'.

(The Morgan House Restaurant, downtown Fort Myers FL, has wine and tapas tastings the third Tuesday of every month.)

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