Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Your Hands On This!

I was so fortunate last week to sit down with a group of five outstanding women in the wine industry to do an article for the next issue of CRUSH Magazine! I don't want to upstage the article now but will post the link and give more info when it is published.

I can tell you that one of the women was Amber Moshin of Moshin Vineyards. There will also be a feature on her and the vineyard in CRUSH. After our roundtable the men were allowed to crash the party, one of the them being Amber's husband Rick. His price of admittance, a bottle of Rose' that made us all squeal with delight.

What makes this Rose' so coveted is not only it's limited production but how it is produced. When the bins of Pinot Noir grapes are dumped onto the sorting table, there is a small amount of juice left behind. It was pressed from the grapes during transport from the vineyard, having very little contact with the skins. The juice is collected and fermented to make a lovely clean wine, with minimal tannins that critics, bloggers and fans rave about.

You may have to join the wine club to get it. You wont be disappointed, all of the Moshin Wines I tried were outstanding!

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  1. Gina: I met Amber, too, and loved all of her wines. I am carrying the RRV Pinot Noir in my store, and hope to have more in April. Great expression of the "terroir" of their part of California.

    Chris Gross
    Gulf Points Liquors