Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Pure" Entertainment

Pure has one of the hottest night sceens at The Mercato Shops in Naples. What many people don't know is the chef is pretty hot also. Yes, Pure has a chef, a full kitchen and a menu that will leave you wanting more.

My parents were in town and wanted to take me out to celebrate some recent accomplishments so I suggested giving Pure a try, especially since managers are trying to get the "dining" word out.  We were escorted to a VIP booth in a prime location by the bar. It was plush, with over-sized pillows and enough room to more than double our small party. I wish I knew who to thank for the entertainment that night. Mom and Dad were treated to quite a fun show; a birthday party of beautiful girls with martini's, tugging their low tops up and their short skirts down; while striking silly duck faces for the camera.

We wanted to try a little of everything so asked for the Chef's Tasting Menu. We surrendered all control to the chef, Josh Mitchell, and he began sending out course after course of goodness. Starting with a trio of shrimp, we moved to salads (the Spinach was great but the Summer Salad rocked). Next up was beef in a veal reduction, then chicken with goat cheese and spinach, and finally a sweet apple fritter for dessert.

At 9:45 the music level started to rise, the ropes were up at the doors and we were feeling like dinner was definantly over. The once navigable bar had become packed. We weaved our way to the exit, leaving behind a coveted VIP table, now reserved for bottle service. Until next time.