Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pizza On Top Of The World

I am back from my Arctic Adventure! I can't wait to share more about my trip to Greenland but I am still digesting it. That being said:

In previous blogs I've shared my love of pizza with you and couldn't wait to write about the pie I ate in Kangerlussuaq. Kangerlussuaq is the hub for international flights into Greenland because of it's large runway and decent weather. Even though it's home to an International Airport, Kangerlussuaq only has a population of about 600 in the winter, 1000 in the summer. Dining options are fairly limited so when I was told about the small, take-away pizzeria just across the street from the airport, my expectations were fairly low.

The pizzeria was only open a couple of hours for lunch, and a couple of more hours for dinner. At least there was outdoor seating; two weathered picnic tables on the narrow porch. The Turkish/Danish owner was very hospital and offered a long list of pizza possibilities.

Wanting to try food from the region, we asked about the Muskox. The chef wasn't a fan saying it tasted like sheep. Not recalling having ever eaten sheep we inquired more, finally asking, "is it gamey". Response with arms flailing: "sheep, sheep; you know, baaaahhhh baaaahhh". Does the guy to the right look like any 'sheep' you've ever seen? We gave up and with a baaaahhhh baaaaaahhhh, and ordered the majestic Muskox.

Since the pizza joint only sold pizza and the neighboring grocery store had been closed since 2:00, our only option for wine or beer was the airport bar; we wandered over, ordered a couple of Tuborgs (Danish beers), asked for glasses and took them back to the pizzeria. It was obviously a laid back place.

We shared a picnic table with a couple from Switzerland, traded travel stories and inspected the Muskox Pizza. It was delicious! I was surprised by the nice thin crust; delighted by the flavorful cheese and enjoyed the heavy dusting of oregano. Oh, and the Muskox was amazingly mild and tender.

I can't imagine you would ever find yourself on a layover in Kangerlussuaq but if so, the pizza is worth a walk across the street....if you are lucky enough to land while it's open.

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  1. Oh MyLanta!.....Hollywood!, that is funny!... but, that dang musk ox!...umphhhhh!...
    Maybe if I did not ask for it, I might have tried it!..Knowledge is too powerful!....You Rock On Hollyood!....Wink On GinaGurl!