Friday, March 9, 2012

New Music: Katrina

I was randomly checking 96-9 WINK-FM's twitter this week when I saw a message from someone named Katrina, talking about how she was on the road to Fort Myers, FL to hangout and play a few songs for the station. I immediately did a Google search to see what we were in for. Seems more people know Katrina's music in the UK than the US. After meeting her, I think that will be changing soon.

Katrina arrived with her record rep, her mom and guitarist Sean, who used to play with Smashmouth. She enthusiastically greeted us in her rock star skinny black pants, blingy belt and full head of cool, curly locks. Then she sang. What a voice; clear with great resonance. You can't fake it when you are acoustic, standing five feet from the people you are singing too. The way she worked the room was impressive; making eye contact with each person, singing to us not only collectively but as individuals.

Katrina was a Junior Vocal Champion on "Star Search" when she was eleven. But she turned down record contracts to be a kid, then go to law school. No longer able to deny her musical passion, she hung up her suits, put away the brief case and picked up the microphone again. Thank God!

I was kinda disappointed Katrina had to leave so fast, to share her talent with other stations up and down the Eastern Seaboard. I think she would've been great fun to go shopping with, have a bottle of bubbly at an outdoor cafe and solve the world's problems. Maybe next time.

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