Monday, October 15, 2012

Rum and Redheads

What does "rum" mean to you? That was one of the in depth questions I asked contestants in the Miss Panama Red contest at Hemingways Island Grille over the weekend.

Panama Red is an overproof rum made by the owners of the Bonita Springs (FL) restaurant. Overproof  rums are typically higher in alcohol and not often consumed solo. However, Panama Red is different,  this overproof is made for sipping.

One of the highlights of the contest at Hemingways was not only being able to sip Panama Red, but more than a dozen delicious, aged rums. Miss Panama Red will represent the rum company as makers move into their second year of sales and distribution. Rum is not just for fruity beach drinks, some of it has great legs and can easily stand on it's own.

Congratulations Christina, enjoy your rum reign!

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