Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bennett's Biscoff Latte

My favorite coffee shop is unveiling a sinfully delicious, new hot beverage this week. I admit that I got to sample the Biscoff Latte at Bennett's Fresh Roast in Fort Myers, FL, as he was perfecting it a couple of weeks ago. But I didn't blog about it because the photo I took was pretty crappy and I just couldn't post it. Yes I could've bragged about tasting it before anyone else, sans photo, but distractions ruled the day. Thanks Melinda Isley for this shot!

Biscoff cookies are typically served alongside of coffee, not in and on top of it; unless you are a "dunker". Owner Bob Grissinger starts with a couple of shots of bold espresso, steamed milk, then adds a rich, buttery Biscoff flavoring to complete the latte. The finishing touch; whipped cream and cookie crumbles. WOW! That's good stuff for only $4.60 a cup.

I'm not sure I could handle both the Biscoff Latte and one of Bennett's infamous made from scratch, hand cut donuts. So I ordred a great big bowl of oats and more steamed milk on the side. Try thenew latte for a special treat this week. Hopefully it will stay around for a long time

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