Thursday, March 20, 2014

"B" Is For Burgers

The Tex-Mex Haystack Burger

I love the 'B' culture of values at the newest burger joint at Gulf Coast Town Center in Estero, FL. Employees and managers are guided by mantras like: 'B' in service, 'B' involved, 'B' knowledgeable, 'B' informed, among others.

That alone tells me I'm going to "B' in for something good. And the hand washing stand at the entrance makes me think 'B' cleanly is on the list somewhere too. Kids actually find it cool to wash up before dinner here.

There are 20 regular burgers on the menu, the 21st changes on the 21st of each month. Besides serving juicy certified Angus Beef, Burger 21 has veggie burgers, chicken burgers, and a fantastic Ahi Tuna burger with house made, pickled cucumbers and avocado. The sriracha aioli and caramel soy sauce are the perfect condiments. It's fantastic.

Ahi Tuna Burger

Be sure to get a mixed basket of fries and have fun at the sauce station; a bar with ten different dipping sauces like chipotle and thai chili, beside the typical ketchup and mustard. The big novelty here is the marshmallow and the apple cider sauces for the sweet potato fries. They have just enough sweet and tang to compliment the taters. 

One of the most impressive features of Burger 21 is the commitment to their gluten free customers. There is a Green Zone in the kitchen where specific utensils and areas are dedicated to food prep, to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination. There is a separate fryer for the gluten free fries and meals are delivered on a different tray from the rest of the table. GF bread products are not so easy to find in restaurants and lets be honest, rarely are they good. But the buns here pass the test; fluffy AND flavorful.

Banana's Foster and Keylime Shakes

Hand-spun shakes come from a proprietary blend of ice-cream and in almost a dozen flavors. They are well-worth the splurge. With seats around the shake bar, it's a popular spot to watch the action. The restaurant itself is open and retro in decor with no TV's inside, so you can actually have a conversation without distractions.

However, if you're dying to catch a game, the spacious outdoor patio has some mounted electronics. Burger 21 is community minded, holding 'Spirit Nights' for various charities and organizations, so you never know what kind of fun you may stumble in to.

Give Burger 21 a try, you'll be more than satisfied!

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