Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bangin' Brunch

I'm a big fan of brunch, especially on Sundays. It's not just about the food but the company, the day of relaxation, the whole package.

I'm a new fan of Slate's, on an obscure side street, just off the busy Cape Coral Parkway in Cape Coral, FL.

We showed up toward the end of the festivities which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because the crowd had subsided, a curse because in the meantime, they had consumed so much, that some of the dishes had run out.

After being seated we were told there was only one order of beignets left so we immediately scooped them up, before even looking at the rest of the menu.

Even though this is a New Orleans inspired restaurant, Beignets are a recent addition to the line-up. The delicate, powdery treats needed their very own fryer and it arrived, just in time for Fat Tuesday.

With our coffee (chicory) and sugar fix satisfied, we set our sites on things a little more substantial. I was salivating over the Champagne; Slate's signature Benedict served on a buttery croissant, topped with spinach, tomato, red onion, goat cheese and poached eggs. I just couldn't put my fork down, even though I was full. Bravo!

In addition, and to no one's surprise, I managed to put my fork in other dishes at the table. The cheese grits were rich, creamy and out of this world. The crawfish omelet had tons of flavor yet not too spicy and the pancakes were a fluffy delight. Add to that a great shrimp, Bloody Mary, live music and outstandng service. What a gem.

If you go, make a reservation as you may be turned away, especially for dinner. Don't get mad, the kitchen is small and the food is cooked to order. It doesn't come out all at once and in a big rush. They want you to savor and enjoy the food, wine and fun atmosphere here. A genuine dining experience.
Yep, that's the bathroom sink and we loved it too.

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  1. So much fun. Wait til you taste all the cocktails on offer!! ;-)

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