Thursday, April 24, 2014

Burgers & Bubbles

I have been remiss in congratulating the winners of the first annual Burgers & Bubbles at the Promenade last week, in Bonita Springs. I was invited to be on the esteemed panel of judges and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into the juicy creations from restaurants and bars across Southwest Florida.

Then I read the rules sheet and realized this was SERIOUS business. I had to consider everything from the freshness of the buns to even grilling. Of course taste and presentation were the biggies and NO verbal discussion, eye rolling, moaning or any other form of communication that could sway fellow judges. That was particularly hard for me because I involuntarily shout things like 'oh ya' when I taste something fabulous.

Judging sheet in hand, the burgers began making their way to our table. It was hard to resist eating more than a bite or two at the beginning, we had to keep telling ourselves that this was a long haul event. About halfway through we noticed our palates needed cleansing, and what better than to cut through the layer of fat that had accumulated in our mouths than with the other headliner of the show.....BUBBLES! Ah, recharged and ready for more meat.

By the way, I think there may have been more brew than bubbles at the event, but who was counting. Both were perfect pairs to the wide array of burgers available for sampling. Besides the numerous tasting tables, participants got to join in seminars on beer, bubbles and other topics.

The dreaded discard plate, one of many
I hated to discard so much food, but then a dozen burgers in one sitting is something even a frat boy might struggle with. Congratulations to Roy's for winning both the judges vote and the coveted Peoples Choice award. The best alternative burger title went to the Sundial Beach Resort on Sanibel Island. Their tuna burger was my favorite! I'm already looking forward to next year's event.

Stay tuned for more new and exciting shopping, dining and events coming to the beautiful Promenade, now under new management. 


  1. Gina, We loved having you as a judge! Next year will be even better with MORE of everything! Thank you for playing :-)

  2. I'll be sure to give them a try next time I'm in Bonita Springs and I'm sure they have Burger 21 beat!