Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, No Fries At Belushi's New Bar

Jim Belushi performing at the VIP opening of his namesake bar in Fort Myers
Tonight is the much anticipated grand opening of the new Belushi's Lounge in Fort Myers. The music and comedy lounge encompasses the upstairs of the newly opened Tilted Kilt and is the brainchild of comedian/actor Jim Belushi and the restaurant owners, who are family and close friends.

When I talked to Jim at the VIP opening I asked what I've heard many locals question, "Why did he open here?" Belushi said, "It's about passion;" passion for the blues, comedy, friends and for his famous brother John.

Belushi's is filled with one-of-a-kind photos and memorabilia of the Belushi Brothers in their glory days, before the death of John. Fellow comedian and beloved friend Dan Aykroyd, not only provided some of the items but also ships in his Crystal Head Vodka. Only premium spirits are served here, no well brands. Thank you!

The only food you'll get upstairs in honor of one of John's must famous sketches; cheeseburgers and chips, no fries. The burgers were created by Jim and famous TV chef Guy Fieri; they're good!

Belushi in the upstairs 'Basement'
The second floor 'Basement' is a private room at the top of the stairs, available for parties. Belushi says, "This room's got magic." It's a replica of a room in one of his brothers movies, the faux water heater is actually a party keg.

Belushi's officially opens at 7 tonight with live music at 8 from the Wildfire Blues Band. Now that the joint is open, expect live music every Wednesday-Saturday, with comedy weekends once a month.

When I asked Belushi how often fans might be able to see him here, and onstage with the band, he replied, "As often as my wife will let me."

The Tilted Kilt is the castle-like building on US41 just south of Daniels Parkway, Fort  Myers, FL

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