Monday, June 29, 2015

KC American Bistro Beats the Summer Heat

As the summer heat gets even hotter, my summer menu sampling continues with KC American Bistro in north Naples. This is another one of those great, strip mall finds.

The small bistro first opened in 2009 where it became a standing room only space. Four years later, Chef/Owner Keith Casey expanded and more than quadrupled the capacity while still keeping some intimacy.

This bistro serves American regional cuisine; a spin on traditional dishes from around the country, integrating local elements in a way that  just makes sense and tastes great.

You'll find lots of seafood on the menu but also succulent lamb, beef and a refreshing watermelon salad. Like many restaurants, chef is offering a few new seasonal specials that you have to try before they go away

One of these items is the cornmeal fried oysters served with a green apple slaw, over a cajun remoulade that had just the right amount of kick, not to overpower the mollusks. The cornmeal was crisp and the oysters juicy.

Also new for the summer is the potato crusted Alaskan Halibut served over lentils, garlic spinach and potato. There were layers and layers of flavor and I couldn't put my fork down, trying each of them individually and in conjunction with the others.

Also new this summer, KC American Bistro adds a full liquor bar to its lineup. The great wine list remains, with lots of boutique selections and a nice by the glass roster.

For even more specials, pick up the July edition of Living Local and look for the bistro's ad along with my business review

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  1. looks delish!!! you do have a knack for finding hidden treasures!!!