Sunday, June 28, 2015

Peter's Pinot.....

I love  experimenting with new white wines during the summer new, I mean new to me. Peter Zemmer is certainly not new to the wine making game. His grandfather founded a winery in the small Italian village of Cortina in 1928.

An Italian pinot grigio might not seem like a big deal to you, as many are thought to be sleepy. Not this one. The grapes come from Alto Adige in northern Italy where the average elevation is 1600 feet.  The valley is surrounded by snow capped mountains, popular for skiing, but the grapes are happy despite the cold, as there is prolific sunlight to warm them year round.

The alpine style wines released from this area are more and more impressive.

Once in the glass, the wine was a straw color with a floral nose. Mineral, acidic and tropical, I tasted a variety of fruits as it sat in my glass and warmed up a bit; melons, pineapple and citrus to name a few. It was fresh and enjoyable.

I served the Peter Zemmer Pinot Grigio with pasta, shrimp and fresh pesto and it was an satisfying combo. Next time, I would like to try it with any salty appetizer or fish dish, or simply drink it on its own. In the price range of $16, this one is a delicious and affordable simmer find.

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