Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter is a special time for many reasons. Holidays are almost always synonymous with family. But if you can't spend the time with blood relatives next in line is your family of friends. I gathered some of mine for an Easter Wine Dinner. I provided the food the guests each brought a bottle of wine with some kind of holiday theme whether it be religious, commercial or even Passover! We tasted everything from a French Whispering Angel Rose to a bottle of "Pink" sparkling wine, a Peter Lehmann Cabernet (Peter Cottontail reference), Our Daily Red (an organic blend) to Yidron (an Israeli wine). The later actually scored highest in our rudimentary grading system. It's a Bordeaux blend from Galilee, perfect for Easter! It's also kosher so I gave a bottle to my Jewish friends who are total wine snobs. Their critique "wasn't bad"!! The gentiles critiques "smells like sugar plums and prunes, licorice on the finish, good with food, delightful!" Worth a try especially if you've never found a decent kosher wine!

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