Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Schug Wine Dinner

I've been to many wine dinners but the Schug wine dinner at Bistro 41 Monday night was one of the best! The dinner not only showcased some great California wines from celebrated winemaker Walter Schug but the newly formed team of Executive Chef Reiner Drygala and his new Executive Sous Chef Heath Higginbotham.

The first course was caramelized Granny Smith apples wrapped in prosciutto over a wedge of creamy St. Andre cheese and finished with mixed herb beurre monte. The plate was full of contrasting flavors and textures and talk about rich! The crisp '08 Sauvignon Blanc cut right through all that butter and cream for a perfect pairing! The quote of the night came from a gentleman at my table who was shocked that his girlfriend found a Sauv Blanc that she liked because "she's such a Chardonnay whore"!

Next course was a pan seared Halibut cooked to perfection with wild mushroom couscous and an '07 Pinot Noir. Third course was followed by a chorus of moans, the GOOD kind! Oak grilled New Zealand Lamb with wild boar sausage, sweet potato hash, steamed haricot verts and finished with a pomegranate demi glace. Yes pomegranate! We were sticking our fingers in the demi glace and tasting it with the '06 Merlot. The Bordeaux-Style wine was big, bad and juicy, with mocha and cherry. 75% percent Merlot with a little Cabernet and Cab Franc for blending made it smooth and delicious. WOW WOW WOW

The fourth course (pictured above) caused much discussion and a little trepidation prior to it being served. Maytag bleu cheese and dark chocolate wrapped in phyllo topped with strawberry coulis and fresh strawberries served with an '06 Cabernet. It was a big hit and the surprise of the night! The wine was a little tight at first but after it opened up it was delightful!

This dinner was not a home run.....it was a grand slam!

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  1. I also attend this wonderful dinner and could not agree more with Gina B! The Shug wine paired so well with the conceptual dishes of Reiner and Heath. And the Merlot was AMAZING!