Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bon Ton Cafe'

New Orleans is town full of flavor in EVERY way! I took a long weekend trip to attend a wedding so most of my dining options were not my own but all were fabulous none-the-less. Before my flight out on Monday I had time for a non-airport lunch and wanted to try the world famous "Mothers" on Poydras. Turns out I didn't have that much time, the line was down the sidewalk. So I wandered a couple of blocks to Magazine, stumbled on the distressed sidewalks and found Bon Ton Cafe'.

Bon Ton is in the historic 1840's Natchez building and can be spotted by the flickering gas lights and black and white canvas canopy. The tables are covered in checkered red and white tablecloths and the servers all in white. Bon Ton brags the Cajun food served is from family recipes and the family atmosphere is one of the many things the place is famous for.

The Crawfish Bisque was amazing! It was not a creamy bisque. It was loaded with Crawfish and a big hunk of dense stuffing. Crawfish, Red Fish, Shrimp, Jambalaya, Etouffee, Oysters the menu was loaded with delicious Cajun goodness. Whatever you do save room for dessert; bread pudding and Luzianne Coffee

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