Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sassy Sauv Blancs!

I love drinking a great wine out of a brown bag! How ghetto fab! We have a "brown bag" group that is hosted by a different person every other month. We decide on a theme or a grape, everyone makes an appropriate purchase and puts it in a brown bag. With the identity of the wine concealed it leaves little chance for judgement based on perceived value or reputation.

This month the grape of choice was Sauvignon Blanc; no restrictions. Perfect choice for the begining of a long hot summer. We tasted several wines from France, New Zealand and California. After tasting all 7 we unveiled the wines worst to first. The top scorer in a narrow vote by .5 was a Clifford Bay from New Zealand followed by a French Sancerre from Christian Salmon. Both are pictured above. After the blindfolds were taken off the bottles and we tried these two top vote getters back-to-back, the Sancerre won outright!

The Sancerre's nose was bursting with pear, it was slightly effervescent, crisp and clean. The Clifford Bay was well balanced with lots of citrus and zest. Both wines come in at under $20 and a great buy for the hot summer months ahead! If you like citrus in your wine and a price under $10, you should try the Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc. Sooooo much lemon on the pallet and the label just so happens to be yellow to match!

One gentleman who attended our tasting apparently felt the need to assert his masculinity by saying "I can only be seen drinking white wine while the sun is up". Good thing for him the days are long in the summer!

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