Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preview Party!

I was very privileged tonight to go behind the scenes of the beginings, the creation of a high-end wine dinner. Italian winemaker Ricardo Cesari is coming to Southwest Florida in a couple of weeks and his wines will be featured at a special dinner at Bistro 41 June 14th. Setting a wine dinner apart from an everyday dining experience begins with detailed planning. The chefs and winemaker or distributor hold a summit! They sit down together, taste, compare notes and create a masterpiece for the senses.

I quietly slid into a seat at the "summit" with an empty glass in hand, head bowed out of respect and it worked! I got to try the wines while eves dropping on the right herbs to use to bring out certain notes in the wines, how much sweetness to add, what kind of reductions to use, etc.

I got much pleasure from tasting the lovely Liano. It's a blend of 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and 70% Sangiovese. There are only a few thousand cases made at the winery about 10 miles south of Bologna. Big cherry flavors with full tannins, woodsy and herby, I can't wait to taste it again with the dish I heard the chefs planning to pair it with. While the Liano made me smile, the wine that follows it at the dinner will knock your socks off!! I know I'm teasing again but I did a pinky swear to secrecy, at least for now. Let's just say this wine dinner could rival the infamous Shug dinner that I already blogged and bragged about. Seriously, make your reservations early. There is limited space the buzz has begun! Call 239-466-4141!

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