Sunday, August 1, 2010

Austria meets California

Last night I went to a wine tasting at a coffee shop! If you didn't know, Bennett's Fresh Roast in downtown Fort Myers also has a nice selection of beer and wine and occasionally hosts wine events that attract the "see and be seen" crowd. The summer wine soiree featured vintners from Spain, Chile and of course California. One in particular that stood out was a Darcie Kent Gruner Veltiner, Rava Black Jack.

The Gruner Veltiner grape comes from Austria and Darcie Kent claims to be one of the few if not the only winery to grow it in California. The nose was full of lime, the palate was full of minerals and fruit. The two things I pictured drinking this wine with were ceviche and a dessert with white chocolate and keylime! It is definitely food friendly and retails for about $18!

Bennett has never been one to let his guest go hungry so he delighted us throughout the night with cured meats, hummus, impeccable cheese trays and of course his signature donuts!

He rolled out miniature versions of his homemade, hand-cut treats then made sure they were perfectly frosted with chocolate. The wine was great but this is what the crowd had been waiting for! Right out of the fryer and into our mouths! You MUST try these donuts! And while you're there see if Bennett has a bottle of the Domaine Napa Cabernet or the Montgras Carmenere. The chocolate donuts were great with both wines. Yes I had two, they were small!!!

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