Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Dawgs

I’ve tried so many delicious wines this week! Two more big dawgs to tell you about then I’ll let you in on some more affordable and easy to find gems.

Napa is synonymous for great Cabernet’s but have you ever had a blockbuster from Hollister, CA? I just found one, the ’06 Godsend from Leal Vineyards. This limited production Cabernet is from Leal’s Library Collection. The grapes were hand selected and the wine given a little more time in the barrel. The result is a rich, elegant wine with a nice round finish! It will run you about $75 a bottle. Might be a good Christmas gift for someone special. But make sure that special someone shares with you!!

Boyanci is from Napa. Only 360 six bottle cases were produced and the winery is officially sold out. Good luck hunting it down. It’ll cost around $140 but it is worth it! Big ripe fruit, blackberry and light chocolate with great structure! That sounds so official so let me try it this way, it freakin' rocks! The wine is actually a blend of mostly Cabernet with some Syrah Petite Verdot Merlot and Cab Franc. Get on the winery mail list so you can score some of the '07 when it released.

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