Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everything Old Is New Again

You know that saying "Everything Old Is New Again"? First thing that comes to mind might be a song performed on Broadway or recorded by The Barenaked Ladies but of course I'm relating it to grapes, Carmenere to be specific.

The grape originated in the Bordeaux Region of France, is a member of the Cabernet family and centuries ago made it's way to the soils of Chile. It has been buried over the years and used mostly for blending, however, the grape is finally coming into its own.

I enjoyed a glass of Lapostolle Casa Carmenere this week during a monthly wine tasting at The Morgan House Restaurant in downtown Fort Myers. The press materials on the tasting table claim Carmenere is the second fastest growing red varietal in the U. S. Malbec is the first.

I've had this wine in the past and was looking forward to another go-round! It was full of black fruit and soft tannins. I enjoyed it on it's own and with the sausage stuffed mushroom caps on the tapas table. I like a wine that can stand up with or without food. It gets better; Casa Carmenere scored 91 points in "Wine Enthusiast", it consistently secures a top spot in "Top 100 Best Buys" list and it will cost you under $15 retail!

Consider it for your "house wine". I'm buying a case for my house!

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