Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Be Big Pimpin' We Be Hangin' with G!

I love changing song lyrics. I also love birthdays! I love them so much my celebration has a one-week minimum. This past weekend I experienced the Yin and Yang of parties. Friday involved everything from bubbly and tequila, to red wine and vodka. Throw in a little dancing on the tables, Taco Bell at 2am and you’ve got a party. (Additional activities will remain confidential to protect the identities of the not so innocent!)

Saturday’s blowout was big pimpin’ at the other end of the spectrum. One of my dearest friends opened his cellar and more than $1200 worth of wine. We were also celebrating the birth of his wife and another wine loving friend.

Not one of the bottles poured had aged less than 10 years; all were red blends or Cabernet Sauvignons. Here’s a short list of the heavy hitters: 2001 Insignia, 2001 Dominus, Artemis, Silver Oak Napa Valley (1999 & 2000) and 2001 Far Niente Oakville.

We lined up the bottles, decanted the wines, poured them one at a time and savored every sniff and swish! I loved the white pepper and coffee on the finish of the Insignia. We enjoyed the Dominus so much we had 2 bottles, each tasted slightly different.

While trying the 1999 Silver Oak one of my friends said, “It’s so good I don’t want to swallow.” Can’t you just hear the pause in conversation and the comments that followed?

My second favorite comment of the evening came after the first bottle of Far Niente, “It tastes better if you pet it.” It was a most memorable night full of laughter, savory food, outstanding wine and priceless friendships! Thank you Jonathan and Ali! "I love you more than my luggage."

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