Monday, January 10, 2011

Sharks and Lounge Lizards

During my recent cruise up Southwest Florida's coastline I found myself on Anna Maria Island at sunset and decided to stay! Don't expect any Marriott's or Hilton's on the island and don't expect most of the "mom and pop" places to keep their offices open past 6:00. After calling numerous after-hours numbers we finally struck gold at Cedar Cove.

While checking in we were told about a couple of 5-star joints but settled on a restaurant we could walk to; Sharky's Seagrill. I had certain, maybe even low expectations from a restaurant that had a sharks head protruding from the front of the building. I was proved wrong.

Sharky's isn't a touristy beach pub but more of a steakhouse, with lots of seafood of course. The dining room was dark and cozy, the bar small and intimate. The 1920's ceiling tiles came from the Sarasota library after it's remodeling some 20 years ago.

The Martini's were good and dirty, the wine list small but reasonable. After perusing it we
settled on a Charles Krug Cabernet for $50. It was the most expensive one on the list, seriously. The Escargot was garlicky and delicious, the steak Dianne was cooked just right, however, the lounge lizard singing in the corner was a little well done! After a couple of cocktails and too many bad renditions of  Elton John and Neil Diamond, I hid behind a menu and shouted MICHAEL JACKSON. My friends laughed, the lizard obliged! We tipped him handsomely and walked/danced back to the hotel singing "Billy Jean"! It was a good day!

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