Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beet This!

I have fallen in love with the "B" word; beets. When you slice into a raw beet, the color variations are beautiful and vibrant. I prefer them raw but still dig them when roasted just right, not too soft.

I found a great recipe in Food & Wine Magazine that I want to share with my beet lovin' brethren. The beets are roasted with a little thyme, tossed in a dressing that has mustard and horseradish, then topped with Granny Smith Apples and pistachios.  I recently put a bit of goat cheese on top and the creamy texture and taste added a nice touch.

Lots of flavors going on here with the tart apple and the horseradish punch; it's a challenge to find a wine that compliments. I've tried various reds and whites and while many have worked to some degree, I still haven't found "the one". (sounds a bit like dating) Luckily this salad is not a main course but still; I love a good challenge. Would love your feed back.

Here is the recipe along with a much more appealing photo:

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