Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Boys

You've heard the rule about ordering raw oysters right? Only do it in months with an "r" in the spelling. I know it's May but sometimes rules are meant to be broken. For instance; at the beach, cold beer in hand, watching a beautiful sunset and a full moon rise (The Cottage, Fort Myers Beach). I'll have a dozen please.

Look at these big boys! I'm not sure the photo does them justice. The oysters were double the size I expected for this time of year, great texture and delicious flavor. I asked if they were farm raised but our server said they were local, from Pine Island.

Oysters spawn when the water gets warm. Spawning makes them watery, less firm and less flavorful. That's really the only drawback of ordering them in the non "r" months. Better refrigeration has solved the other obvious problems with raw seafood in hot temperatures. I'm wondering if these molluscs were still so delightful because of the cooler than normal spring in Southwest Florida? I suppose it really doesn't matter why, it just matters how long it will last. Get 'em while you can!

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