Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kale Cocktail?

I made a new breakfast cocktail today. As far as morning libations go, Mimosa's are my favorite, followed by Bloody Marys. Both are healthful in my book. Mimosa's have Vitamin C, Calcium and Folate among other nutrients. Bloody Mary's also contain Vitamin C and Calcium along with Potassium Vitamin A and lots more.

Today I experimented with Kale. Kale gets a lot of press for its great health benefits, however, I don't find it too thrilling to cook with. So I threw it in my blender (a couple of leaves, no stems) along with a banana (1/2), vanilla protein powder (big scoop), water and ice. I think a couple of tablespoons of yogurt would've added a nice creamy texture and sweetness if I didn't have the flavored protein. I know its green, however,Vanilla and banana were the dominant flavors. It was quite a nice surprise and an easy way to get in a serving of veggies.

A co-worker pointed out that I can't technically call this a Kale "Cocktail" without alcohol in the mix. After a serious discussion in the hallway (and some strange looks from passersby), we agreed a splash of white rum would do the trick. Standby for that review!

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  1. Yummy!! Ok, now thats a drink!