Monday, January 9, 2012

The Cellar Called; I Answered

I was recently trading stories of Tuscany with a friend who had just returned from three months in the beautiful Italian countryside. It made me want to buy a plane ticket in the worst way. As I sat reminiscing about the amazing food and wine I've consumed in Italy, a faint voice beckoned. I went to my wine cellar and peered at the rows of Italian treats I've been collecting over the years. I gently pulled out a bottle of 1996 Podere Capaccia, Querciagrande (a Sangiovese from Chianti) and decided it's time had come.

The big question when opening a big bottle is what to serve it with. It may not have been the best pairing, but I wanted eggplant parm. As I was cooking I opened the bottle for an initial taste. It started out remarkably balanced and smooth with lots of dark fruit and some tobacco. About 2 hours into the bottle (yes, I milked it that long) the chewy tannins started to appear; time has been kind to this wine. I was so happy!

I brought this bottle back from Italy ten years ago; when you could still carry liquids on planes and the dollar was actually worth something. I tried in vain to find tasting notes and values for the 96 vintage. I mostly wanted to see if it was a vintage that aged well.  But at the end of the day those stats really don't matter. What mattered was that the wine was awesome and I got to share it, and it's story with good friends over good food. Cheers!

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  1. I remember things well all those years ago. You were in Italy when 9/11 happened and the planes were all grounded and you were worried you would be there longer.

  2. Good memory. Italy is not such a bad place to be stuck...pasta, pizza, wine, beautiful fashion and people