Friday, January 13, 2012

Love The Label

I was at a wine tasting this week and got to sample a lovely Riesling from Milbrandt Vineyards, in Washington State. It's a fruity Riesling, but not too sweet. For example, I tasted juicy apricots but also crisp citrus for a nice balance. I was dying to have a plate of spicy red curry from my favorite Thai restaurant with this wine.

I was looking at the bottle, taking notes when the distributor said, "Here take this". She ripped a perforated piece of the label off of the back, to my surprise, and handed it to me. The band-aid sized paper had such pertinent information as the grape, the year, a few tasting notes, a pairing suggestion and vineyard website.BRILLIANT! I wish all bottles had this.

I'm currently working on an article for "Times Of The Islands" Magazine about wine labels and Milbrandt, for sure, will be one of the wines I include. If you have any favorites for labeling, please share them with me!

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