Monday, February 13, 2012

Grapes Go "Goth"

The "gothic movement" started getting a lot of media attention in the early 80's; evolving from punk. When I think of "goth" the first thing that comes to mind is bold, black, spiky hair, leather boots, etc.

So when I came across the Gothic Maresh Pinot Noir, I was expecting an "in your face" kind of wine; even though I learned a long time ago not to judge a book by its cover.

Gothic is a limited edition Pinot Noir Cuvee ($65 retail) from Oregon. Only 1200 bottles were made, so that alone makes this bottle special.

Adding to my list of high expectations; the grapes come from an historic vineyard in the Williamette Valley. Anytime I see a Pinot Noir from this area, my basic assumption is "good". The wine was slow to open but when it did it was full of plum, strawberry and spice. I found myself, pouting, wanting more after the last drop was poured. If only I had let it sit my glass a little longer.

Now comes the quest to find another bottle.

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  1. I found your wine tonight at Yabo in Fort Myers. I hear it's one of your favorite places. They are officially open in their new location