Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Last month I was researching wine for a story on labeling and how it effects our perception of wine and our purchasing. Steve, my handsome mate from Unfiltered Unfined Wines, showed me a beautiful photo of La Garnacha Salvaje Del Moncayo from Spain. I was drawn to the art, the image of those old vines running deep.

I imagined lots of character and flavor in this bottle so I couldn't wait to order it when I saw it on the wine list of one of my favorite Fort Myers restaurants, Yabo.

Moncayo is part of oenologist Raul Acha collection of "Garnachas of Spain". His mission is to show the different characteristics of this once very popular grape, along with the different growing regions of Spain. The wines all come from old vines.

Staring at the label, hoping the wine had as much depth as the roots, I took a sip. This garnacha is nicely balanced with flavors of tobacco, dark berry and a little cocoa.; a great value for around $15 retail. You'll find it for $50 on the wine list at Yabo, now open in their new location on Summerlin and Bass Roads in Fort Myers. More on their new space, to follow soon.

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