Friday, February 3, 2012

Ingredients Matter...

....That's the theme at the newest burger joint to open in Southwest Florida. Elevation Burger, based in Virginia, is billed as the nations first organic burger chain. Open this week at Gulf Coast Town Center in Estero, this Elevation Burger is only the second in the nation to use a new cast-iron griddle for cooking each burger to order.

Elevation Burger is also among the first several hundred restaurants nationwide to have a Free-Style Coke machine. The touch screen allows you to pick a specific beverage, which is further broken down by individual flavors. For instance, when you hit coke a second screen gives you all the possible sub variations like Cherry, Lime, Vanilla, etc. for a total of 130 different drink options. And coming soon; I Pad stations and apps to order at the door and on the way.

OK, enough about the cool technology. Let's get to the meat! The beef is organic and ground fresh, on site. It comes from cows that are grass-fed and free range. Build your own burger with both the number of patties (10) and toppings (15)!

I love a good burger and had a hard time deciding what to try. I settled on a Half The Guilt Burger ($6.19), with one beef patty and one veggie patty. As for toppings, I got the basics; mustard, ketchup lettuce tomato and caramelized onions. Next time, I'll order extra of all of the toppings, I like a messy burger. My co-worked noted that the beef did taste different. I said, "Yes, the way it is suppose to taste." No hormones, preservatives or things you can't pronounce.

There are two Veggie Burgers on the menu. The Veggie Burger #1 tastes like, veggies. It's consistency is a bit creamy. I like the Veggie Burger #2 better. Its vegan and actually tastes and looks more like a real burger. Both are good, just different. If you are watching your carbs or gluten you can bypass the potato bun for a lettuce wrap.

Its a five step process, making Elevation Burger's hand cut fries ($2.79). They are cooked in Bertolli Olive Oil. It's a bit tricky to get olive oil hot enough for frying potatoes while not adversely effecting it's flavor. The potatoes are blanched before fried.

A good burger joint should have good shakes. These are hand scooped and the ingredients are all organic. I tried the coffee ice cream ($4.29) without any toppings. It was light, creamy and delicious. The fresh baked organic cookies tasted pretty good alongside it. The oatmeal cookie was moist and full of flavor; rich chocolate chips and a bit of pecans

It's obvious that Elevation Burger would appeal to people who are conscious about the food they put in their mouths. So why not list the calories of each item after the ingredients. Patrons are not only aware of their food source but how that food fits into their daily goals. I looked at the board, thought about it, and went for it; a 900 calorie lunch and an hour on the treadmill for an afternoon snack.

A second Southwest Florida Elevation Burger is opening on Airport Pulling Road in Naples this spring.


  1. I've been waiting for them to open so I can try it out! Good to hear that they're delicious and price conscious as well!

  2. Thanx for another great review!