Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wine Wednesday, M5

My last few Wine Wednesday selections have been great values, todays is just a great wine. The 2009 Krupp Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon M5 comes from Stagcoach Vineyards. Stagecoach is a vineyard in Napa, developed by Dr Jan Krupp, that sells fruit to 80n producers. The vines produce some of the best Cabernet grapes for some of the best producers in the region; Conn Creek, Caymus, Duckhorn and Paul Hobbs to name a few.

The M5 is complex, both on the nose and the palate, with layers of flavors. It smelled fruity but a bit herbal to me, almost menthol, with some vanilla. I tasted lots of dark fruit, some cherry and spice to boot. It has great structure, nice tannins and will age nicely. This is a limited production and will cost you around $135 when you find it.

Over a Skype call this week Dr. Krupp says he is growing Grenache for the first time and "having fun and continuing to explore what is new while keeping what we've learned." He has a great story about taking land that was once thought useless, and turning it into something special.  Check out this video:

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