Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not Much Bump in "Goosebump"

I do a live broadcast every Wednesday night at The Edison Restaurant and Bar in Fort Myers, FL. It's a wildly popular Ladies Night where the girls drink free vodka and get all kinds of cool freebies. Last night we also got to taste a wine new to our area, Goosebump.

It's a curious blend of Nero d'Avola, Syrah and Merlot. I smelled lots of dark fruit and a little cocoa in the glass. It was pretty jammy; no bump in the Goosebump, just smooth fruit. I was hoping for a little punch from the Syrah but it was more like a poke. Nothing wrong with a poke. :-)

I can see putting a little chill on it and drinking with BBQ chicken at a summer cook-out. I also think it is a good entry into the world of red wines for those friends who can't seem to get passed the whites. Cheers!

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  1. Time to try the Naked Grape next time you're in Wal Mart ;-) 3 choices, white, rose' red.