Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Margarita's At Tina's

I really enjoy a GOOD Margarita but have nearly sworn them off after getting one too many that tasted like lime-aid. I know it is a delicate balance to get the sweet and the tart and still enjoy the Tequila. But there aren't great Tequila Bars like Agave on every corner. Some of the best Margarita's I've had, have been in Austin, TX. And that's exactly what I was reminded of at Casa Tina in downtown Dunedin, FL.

There were several on the menu but I ordered the Tina Rita made with fresh lime, agave honey and Partida Reposado Tequila ($10). It came in a short bar glass with a fresh slice of lime on the rim.  After the first sip I put the glass down without a word, took a photo with my iPhone and sent it to my brother, a former Austinite. My lunch partner said, "Well?" All I could do was smile and nod. Nothing pre-made here. I could taste the fresh squeezed juice, I could taste the tequila, I could taste deliciousness.

I was very grateful for the petite basket of chips that proceeded our lunch. My weakness for the crunchy treat often spoils my appetite for the real meal. I started with Cerviche ($9.95) made from fresh Tilapia. There were a couple of different flavors and textures so I was surprised when the server told me it consisted only of the white fish. Some of the pieces were mild, others tasted a bit woody, all of it was good.

Next up, the Tacos Estillo Guadalajara ($12.95); two soft corn tortilla's filled with onion and cilantro and your choice of chicken, rajas, pork, asada, carne, chorizo and panella. The dish comes with three yummy sauces on the side, all hot but not blistering.

It's no secret I love a good Mexican Brunch and the one at Casa Tina's looks so inviting that I see a Sunday drive and day of indulgence in the very near future.

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