Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome- BOND

Congratulations BOND Restaurant and Lounge! It's officially open for business today in Naples. At the helm of BOND, three men who've been in the hospitality, restaurant and bar business in Southwest Florida for decades: Larry "Smokey" Genta, Adriano Pucci and Scott D'Antuono.

I went to a sneak preview party last week and had a blast checking out the lovely space, seeing old friends and sampling cocktails. I also enjoyed sampling delicious flat breads, juicy sliders, flavorful wings and tasty shrimp. Looking forward to actually sitting down and dining on some of the other fabulous menu items soon.

BOND begins as casual place to have a good lunch, then transforms to a hot party spot with live entertainment and/or hot DJ's each night. The happy hour goes until 8pm and the kitchen stays open late.

BOND is at Airport Pulling and Vanderbilt Beach Roads. Beverage Underground has more here.

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  1. I'll have to check this place out! Been hanging out in Naples frequently these days! Thanx for bringing this to my attention with your fabulous review!